IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Steven Cao takes pride in everything he does. When you’re seeking to be the best in the world, there can be no easy workouts, no skipped meals and you must find a level of commitment that others never dreamt possible. To be the best at anything,… Read More

Tres consejos para empezar a alternar carbohidratos

Levanta tu mano si alguna vez has escuchado decir "Un abdomen marcado se logra en la cocina, no en el gimnasio". Es un mantra del gimnasio bastante común aunque no completamente cierto. Abdominal muscles are in fact built in the gym, however, to remove the layer of fat over them and reveal your hard… Read More

Cinco cosas que tienes que saber sobre cómo alternar carbohidratos

When it comes to nutrition, one thing fitness experts can all agree on is the effectiveness of a low-carb strategy for melting away unwanted body fat. Lamentablemente, seguir una dieta tradicional con bajo contenido de carbohidratos por períodos prolongados puede dificultar la preservación de masa muscular magra. As you take away… Read More

¿Qué significa BPI?

“For the longest time I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to do with my life – and even if I were to come up with one, I didn’t have the experience or skills to achieve it. There was only one place where I felt some sense… Read More

Consumir BCAA antes, durante y después del entrenamiento

Co-founder of BPI Sports, James Grage, shares why branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are his favorite supplement outside of a protein powder. By supplementing with BCAAs you’re giving your body a source of fuel Grage says. He also prefers BCAAs because it stimulates protein synthesis. Amino acids are the building… Read More

Entrevista a Jay Cutler y Regan Grimes

4x Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, sits down with aspiring Mr. Olympia, Regan Grimes for an in-depth interview on healthy eating, size, conditioning, role models in bodybuilding and more. Cutler and Grimes both know the amount of work and determination it takes to influence the… Read More

The SCOOP Live - Podcast de BPI Sports - Episodio 8

Watch episode 8 of the podcast, The Scoop, live! The video, which is narrated and produced by BPI Sports Creative Director Deniz Gungor, features National Sales Manager Whitney Reed, Senior Vice President Chris McKenzie and special guest, BPI Sports Co-founder, James Grage. Learn about the effectiveness of… Read More

Receta: sopa de calabaza

Barbara Bolotte shares her guilt-free and filling recipe of Butternut Squash Soup for the chilly winter days ahead. Ingredients: Low sodium chicken broth Sea salt Cracked black pepper Dried sage leaves 1 yellow onion, diced Fresh celery Fresh carrots, peeled and diced Peeled garlic 1 large roasted butternut squash Extra… Read More

3 Consejos para iniciar una dieta cetogénica

Dr. Brett Osborn, a board-certified neurosurgeon, nutrition specialist and BPI Sports’ expert, shares his tips to follow before starting a ketogenic diet. Osborn shares how to slowly transition your body into ketosis, explains what causes the keto flu and the difference between a ketogenic diet and a purely low-carb diet. An… Read More

Tyrone Bell habla sobre Best Creatine™

BPI Sports athlete and owner of Legion Training, Tyrone Bell, breaks down one of the most widely researched supplements in the fitness industry -creatine. In the video, Tyrone takes you through the benefits of creatine, why you should take it, and how you should be using it. Tyrone asks, “Who… Read More

Tyrone Bell habla sobre 1.M.R Vortex™

Tyrone Bell, a BPI Sports expert, explains how 1 M.R. Vortex™  can help you take your workout to the next level. According to Tyrone, the standout feature of the energy-packed pre-workout is its lactic acid buffer effect. 1 M.R. Vortex™ has the ability to push through your build… Read More

Un suplemento más simple

If you’ve ever tried to pour a powdered supplement directly from a scoop into your water bottle, you know it can get pretty messy. BPI Sports has developed an easier way to supplement in the form of a new line of Liquid Water Enhancers! Just pop the top, squirt the… Read More