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Cada vez que comes algo, tu cuerpo distribuye los nutrientes para cumplir una de estas dos funciones: usarlos como energía en tus músculos o almacenarlos como grasa. Esto puede ser determinado por las hormonas, el momento del día y otros procesos corporales. La creatina también desempeña un papel fundamental. Creatine functions as a partitioning agent, increasing the amount of nutrients and calories that go towards your muscle cells as opposed to fat storage. This effectively makes it an energy source for your muscles, helping to increase your strength and reduce fatigue during intense training.

Now that you understand why you should take creatine, let's discuss how. Creatine occurs naturally in the body and can be found in some foods. However, any athlete trying to improve performance, build muscle and/or increase lean definition should supplement with an additional source. Below, we've broken down four of our supplements and their benefits:

Best Creatine

Best Creatine™ makes supplementation effortless by combining six advanced forms of creatine, each with their own benefits and absorption rates. This allows you to reap the benefits of strength, power and pump in the gym, and continue to build muscle and boost recovery long after your workout is complete. Plus, the ChromaDex® Quality Verified Seal on the label lets you know that this supplement has been tested for the highest quality possible.

Best Creatine Defined

Best Creatine Defined™ was also created with six advanced forms of creatine, but with the addition of a Defining & Hardening Agent. This blend helps ensure that nutrients are used for fuel, not stored as fat. Además, al llevar los nutrientes a los músculos, verás y sentirás un aumento en tu volumen celular, lo que te aportará una apariencia compacta y dura, en lugar de una plana y sin definición como la que suele asociarse a las dietas. Best Creatine Defined™ is also specifically formulated so users will not feel bloated or retain “puffy” water weight, and it requires zero loading.

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Creatina micronizada

Micronized Creatine is 100% pure creatine monohydrate. We reduced the large creatine molecules into smaller particles to optimize bioavailability and absorption. Each dose delivers 5g of creatine for an almost instant increase in strength, power and muscular energy. Mix the unflavored powder with any pre-, intra- or post-workout supplement without any gritty taste or texture.

Amino Strong

Amino Strong™ is a 3-in-1, multifunctional formula that contains essential amino acids (EAAs), creatine, betaine and citrulline. This combination helps build muscle, increase pumps, improve strength, accelerate recovery, prevent muscle breakdown and boost endurance. This all-in-one product simplifies three different supplements into one scoop!

To reap the benefits of creatine (or supplements containing creatine), we recommend taking 2 scoops per day. Many people like to mix their first scoop in with their pre-workout to increase their strength, pump and performance during their training session. También es importante tomar creatina después de entrenar. Después de tu entrenamiento come una comida con proteínas y carbohidratos, y la creatina ayudará a llevar los nutrientes a tus músculos para mejorar la recuperación, el desarrollo de músculo magro y la restauración de glucógeno.